How Self Braces Work

We pride ourselves in offering on-hand support throughout every step of your treatment. Watch the videos below to see what to expect after you have ordered! 

Step 1.

Free consultation

The first step is to upload 3 clear photographs of your teeth, answer a few simple questions and then our dentist will confirm if you’re suitable to proceed with treatment. Simple, pain-free and personalised to you. 

Step 2.

Home Impression Kit

If you are a suitable candidate, you can order our impression kit to take and return moulds of your teeth which will get sent to our lab. We will use your impressions to take accurate measurements of your teeth and create a 3D simulation of your predicted smile.

Step 3.

Get straight teeth

Your custom-made clear aligners will then be delivered directly to your door in stages according to your progress. Wear them for 22 hours a day and change to a new set every 2 weeks to start seeing quick results during the 5-9 months treatment period.

the impression kit
step by step

Our celebrity ambassador, Shayne Ward, has kindly created this short video showcasing how simple it is to use our at-home impressions kit. If you have any issues or need additional support, our customer service team would be more than happy to support you.

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