How to Build Your Confidence

How to Build Your Confidence

Confidence isn’t just liking your selfies. Confidence flows into all areas of your life. Confidence is believing in yourself, having the conviction that you have the ability to meet life’s challenges and succeed while also trusting in your qualities and judgement. But, what if you have little or no confidence in yourself? Establishing confidence in …

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clear aligners

Do Clear Aligners Hurt?

One question that we always get asked during a consultation is “do clear aligners hurt?”. No matter what treatment plan you choose to straighten your teeth, there is always a concern for the pain factor. While braces have been known to cause jaw ache due to the severity of the procedure, clear aligners aren’t as …

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How To Get Straight Teeth At Home

How To Get Straight Teeth At Home

The reasons why people want straight teeth can often be sorted into these three main categories: functional concerns, appearance, and self-esteem. As young adults, we may never have had the opportunity to get braces or were perhaps afraid of getting them because of stigmas in the past surrounding traditional braces. But now many of us …

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Self Braces are proud to be celebrity endorsed by the incredible Shayne Ward and his partner, Sophie Austin. 

They have become avid Self Brace fans and we are thrilled to have been able to help them get red carpet ready smiles.