Clear Aligners Everything You Need to Know

Clear Aligners: Everything You Need to Know

No matter your age, having bad teeth is never a confidence boost. When you first look at somebody, the smile is often the first thing you see. Therefore, an individual’s confidence will partly rely on having the ‘perfect’ smile. Misaligned, wonky teeth and gaps can cause self-confidence issues and make us want to hide our smile.

While bad teeth don’t necessarily mean you don’t look after them, there are ways that you can implement change so that you’re reignited with your confidence. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about clear aligners and how they work in comparison to the famous but controversial teeth straightening treatment of braces.

Do you want straight, beautiful teeth? Then please keep reading for more information about clear aligners and their fantastic benefits.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are simply next-to-invisible trays that clip onto your teeth in order to gradually realign them. Each of our clear aligner treatments are bespoke to our clients. To start the process, we will take a 360-degree scan of your teeth and take a mould of their structure so that we can then design further moulds based on the original.

Then, fortnightly, you will receive new moulds for you to wear that’ll each work to slightly move your teeth in the desired direction. Clear aligners are the number one brace alternative. They’re subtle, durable, and highly effective in meeting clients’ expectations. 

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

As previously mentioned, clear aligners allow individuals to attain their ideal smile without being too obvious with how they got it. They’re almost invisible to the naked eye, giving you the opportunity to carry on with your day to day life without anybody noticing. 

Did we mention that you get to take control of your treatments? No numerous trips to the orthodontist, instead all you need to do is update us on your progress, and you can watch as your teeth continue to change. Our clear aligners at home are one of a kind; they cause next to no discomfort and are bespoke to each and every client.

The Difference Between Clear Aligners & Braces

Now that you know about clear aligners and how they work, it’s time to compare them to the traditional braces treatment, also known as ‘train tracks’. Braces, although they do work to correct teeth, are often perceived as extremely unappealing and uncomfortable.

Imagine, these large stainless steel wires on top of your teeth while supporting elastic bands hooking your jaw in place. Doesn’t sound pretty, right? That’s what makes our clear aligners so favourable; you may feel some slight discomfort but they won’t limit your mouth’s movements, nor will they stand out in a crowd. 

What’s more, braces require many appointments at your orthodontist so that they can continue to tighten them to successfully manipulate your teeth structure. Here at Self Braces, we only require updates and the odd appointment, as well as the initial consultation where we will discuss all the details with you.

Also, braces can determine what you can and cannot eat. For instance, you’re advised to avoid popcorn, sweets, chewing gum, ice, pizza crust and plenty of other foods that you may thoroughly enjoy. In a clear aligners comparison, you’ll be happy to know that our aligners won’t be what stands between you and a Dominos.

Another contributing factor to why our clear aligners are so fantastic is that they’re removable. If for whatever reason, you need a break or don’t want to wear them during a meal, you have the option to take them out. However, please note that aligners need to stay in 20 to 22 hours per day to achieve optimum results.

Why Choose Us?

While there are several alternatives to braces on the market, we pride ourselves in delivering only the most effective teeth-straightening solution hand in hand with impeccable service. We understand the importance of this change, which is why we make it our mission to keep you feeling comfortable throughout your experience with us.

Our clear aligners are scientifically-proven to meet your desired results. This is why our consultation stage is crucial in the treatment process; we will explain every last detail of what to expect, as well as give you an idea of how your teeth will look at the end of the course. Then, we will need to undergo a 3D examination of your teeth and create moulds of your current structure so that we can use this as our template for all other moulds that’ll work to close any gaps or counteract your overbite while still staying comfortable.

For further information on our clear aligners and how they work, please get in touch with us today. As the leading clear aligner company in the UK, we can offer you a personalised treatment plan with flexible pricing so that no matter your situation, you can achieve your perfect smile.

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