Do Clear Aligners Work as Well as Braces?

According to a survey, 94% of people first notice someone’s smile when meeting them. So, there’s no surprise that many of us are self-conscious about how our teeth appear. Overcrowding, crooked teeth and gaps can all be corrected with braces. However, not every person loves the idea of having a chunk of metal in their mouth. Not only can it be uncomfortable for some, but people can be very wary of the appearance of braces too.

Clear aligners are the perfect alternative to braces for people who have mild to moderate teeth issues. They are removable trays, clear and almost invisible to the eye when placed over the teeth. This is what makes them so popular for adults who feel like braces are a thing they should have gone through in young adulthood and not as older, working professionals.

But, do clear aligners work as well as braces? With braces being a long proven solution for many teeth issues, it can be difficult for people to see clear aligners as an alternative solution. However, we have the answers you need. As aligners experts, we know how and why clear aligners can provide you with the perfect at-home treatment. Just keep reading to learn more about clear aligners and their long list of benefits!

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a braces alternative which moves your teeth without interfering with your daily life. For many, braces are a nuisance that prevents us from eating certain foods and feeling confident when smiling and talking. Instead, clear aligners are removable trays made out of a transparent plastic material that when placed on the teeth are essentially invisible.

With this treatment, you will go through a repetitive sequence of using custom-made aligners to move your teeth. Every two weeks or so you will receive another set of aligners, slightly different from the last, to gently shift the teeth. The clear aligners are computer-generated, using state-of-the-art techniques based on images and moulds of your own teeth to ensure your treatment plan is bespoke to your needs. If worn consistently, the process can take as little as nine months to wholly transform your teeth!

Do Aligners Work as Well as Braces?

Braces are often the go-to treatment for all types of teeth problems, from small gaps to excessive overbites. They are made of metal brackets fitted to your teeth and often stainless steel wires threaded through the slots. These may also have small rubber bands put in place to help the process. However, the treatment can be long-term and tiresome. Patients have to attend repetitive orthodontist appointments to have the braces tightened slightly to force the shifting of their teeth.

But for many, having braces seems like a price they aren’t willing to pay for mild to moderate issues. Instead, clear aligners allow for the gradual, gentle movement of your teeth through a more invisible yet effective means. It is an at-home treatment where you provide photographs and moulds of your teeth to receive your clear aligners through the post which you change as often as directed. This treatment plan is simple and easy to follow and perfect for people wanting to reduce gaps and straighten their teeth without getting noticeable, costly and uncomfortable braces.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Apart from being almost invisible, there are many other benefits of clear aligners. Simple tasks like brushing and flossing your teeth are more manageable than if you had braces. Plus, food won’t get stuck in gaps and wires. Instead, you remove your aligners for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. And, you can even remove them for social situations if you feel more comfortable with that. As long as you follow the recommended wearing time and advice from our team, you are sure to get incredible improvements from your clear aligners.

One of the worst things about having braces is that the wires can snap and become uncomfortable, stabbing at our mouth and gums. With clear aligners, we don’t have this issue. There are much fewer repairs needed as long as you care for your aligners following the advice of our team.

One final benefit of clear aligners is that the design of the trays and the ability to remove them as you please allows you to see the transformation of your teeth take place. While braces are effective at their job of fixing your teeth, the process of this happening can be hidden by the wires and metal in your mouth. By being able to remove the trays, your confidence can be boosted throughout the treatment as you see the ways your teeth are changing and shift to fit your mouth better.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about clear aligners and their amazing benefits. If you are looking to transform your teeth without having uncomfortable and noticeable metal braces, then clear aligners are the ideal alternative. Feel confident with an at-home treatment that allows you to live your life without interference. Contact us today to learn more about Self Braces and how we can help you.

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