How To Get Straight Teeth At Home

How To Get Straight Teeth At Home

The reasons why people want straight teeth can often be sorted into these three main categories: functional concerns, appearance, and self-esteem. As young adults, we may never have had the opportunity to get braces or were perhaps afraid of getting them because of stigmas in the past surrounding traditional braces. But now many of us may be looking back and wishing we took the opportunity when we were offered it.

However, not all of us appreciate braces as adults. Having perhaps seen our friends and family have a braces treatment, we understand that breakages can be painful, and appointments can be inconvenient. Plus, some of us may feel self-conscious about the appearance of braces even as an adult.

Instead, you can opt for a treatment that provides you with effective teeth straightening without the hassle, pain, expense and inconvenience of braces. Almost invisible when over the teeth, clear aligners are a fantastic way to fix mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. Want to learn more? Then keep reading as we explore how clear aligners can straighten your teeth at home.

Impact of Covid-19

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 and local lockdowns, unless your dental treatment is necessary, you will find your appointments cancelled or moved months into the future. For many of us, we don’t ‘need’ to have our teeth straightened or our gaps reduced because they aren’t an issue that limits our jaw movements or causes us pain. Instead, they are an aesthetic problem that leaves us feeling self-conscious about the way we look.

Because of this, you will find it harder than ever right now to book an orthodontist or dentist appointment for traditional braces. Only those who need their routine check-ups or emergency appointments will make it past the receptionist. So instead, we need to be looking for alternative treatments that can fix your smile and leave you feeling more confident than ever.

Busy Lifestyle & High Cost

It’s not just Covid-19 that can prevent you from getting braces fitted. Many of us live busy lifestyles, especially adults who have full-time jobs or families. Finding the time, and the money, to go to your repetitive appointments to have your braces tightened can be challenging. Sometimes braces break and it can cause horrible discomfort or pain. The wires can snap and stab at our cheeks and gums, forcing us to get an emergency appointment to have them fixed. If you can’t handle the discomfort, this could mean leaving work half a day early. Some orthodontists only have specific days and times for ’emergency appointments’ giving you even less flexibility in case of breakage.

So what’s the best braces alternative that allows you flexible, affordable and easy treatment?

At-Home Treatment

Clear aligners are the perfect way to straighten your teeth at home. With plastic trays custom-made to fit your teeth, this treatment is designed for ease and comfort for the user. No going to check up appointments or suffering from painful broken wires; clear aligners are easy to use and still provide you with fantastic results.

All we need is photographs and a mould of your teeth to develop a bespoke treatment plan. State-of-the-art technology allows us to computer generate multiple aligners, each slightly different to allow for the gentle movement of your teeth. By changing aligners every two weeks, you will have a gradual, but transformative treatment which can be finished in as quickly as six to nine months!

There is no need to head to the doctors for check-ups or tightening, as the different aligners allow for the shifting of teeth to take place at home. And, as long as you follow the advice of our team, your clear aligners won’t break or cause any issues.

What makes clear aligners even better than traditional braces for straightening teeth at home is that they are much more affordable and convenient. Easily removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, say goodbye to stained braces and food stuck in gaps!

Please take a look at our website to learn more about Self Braces and the fantastic ways we can help you transform your smile. Our clear aligners ensure you get straight teeth at home without the hassle of traditional braces. Say goodbye to tight-lipped smiles and hello to a more confident you! Get in touch with us today to learn more information about clear aligners.

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