How to Regain Your Teeth Confidence

How to Regain Your Teeth Confidence

What makes you feel confident? Is it your favourite outfit that hugs you in all the right places? Or is it when you go to the hair salon and get a fresh trim and blow-dry? There are many reasons that could make you feel confident and unstoppable.

So, what about your smile? Is it crooked? Is it too big? Too small? Or do you simply choose not to smile because of the appearance of your teeth? Now, that is something we can help you with. 

Continue reading to find out how our clean aligners can give you straight teeth confidence. With the help of this innovative technology, you can say goodbye to hiding that smile, and hello to feeling good. 

Why Do Bad Teeth Knock Our Confidence?

In order to gain straight teeth confidence, we need to figure out why bad teeth knock our confidence. While being and looking unique is something to preach about, there’s always been a perception that having bad teeth is unattractive.

If you feel unconfident about your teeth, it is completely natural. There are several reasons why you may associate your teeth with negative connotations. The media, for one, are consistently churning out models and celebrities that have had work done to their teeth, therefore their pearly whites look almost unbelievable.

As a result, a mouth that doesn’t live up to this standard of ‘perfect’ because crookedness, decay, discolouration or missing teeth are seen as unsightly. In fact, research from Bupa Dental Care found that over a third of UK adults aren’t happy with their smile; leading to 27% avoiding showing their teeth when they smile, 22% avoiding having their photo taken, and 18% choosing to put their hand over their mouth when smiling.

These staggering figures prove that having the ideal smile is very much important for the vast majority of UK adults. Because of this interpretation of bad teeth, more younger people are beginning to get work done on their teeth or are getting braces. This counts for older generations too because there’s never a wrong time to have wires implanted into your mouth. To put it into perspective, 66% of adult patients that are seeking orthodontic treatment are 26-40 years old. 

Why Do Braces Knock Our Confidence?

We may have got to the bottom of why bad teeth make us feel self-conscious, but would braces do the same? The perception of braces isn’t much different from having bad teeth. Braces are essentially steel-based wires that are attached to the teeth in order to manipulate them to form a straight alignment.

They are often known for correcting overbites, gaps and the overall health of the teeth. To top them off, elastic bands are also attached to them to ensure that movement is minimal. Not quite what you had in mind when attaining straight teeth confidence, right? Braces are mostly used during adolescence, however, adults can choose to have braces too. 

Not only are they a sight for sore eyes, but they can also stop you from eating certain foods, and require regular trips to the orthodontist for tightening and maintenance. Because of these reasons alone, those past their teenage years are a lot more sceptical in getting braces as they can affect one’s working and personal life. But, what if we said this wasn’t the only option?

The Clear Aligners Comparison

Do you feel self-conscious about your crooked teeth? Straight teeth confidence can be achieved with our clear aligners at home. Say goodbye to the unattractive appearance of braces and say hello to a newer, more effective approach to having straight teeth. 

Our clear aligners are essentially next to invisible removable trays that hook onto your teeth comfortably. Their transparent appearance is a massive selling point for our aligners as they keep straightening your teeth subtle and private. Not only that, but the clear aligner process can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

Fortnightly, we will send you a package with your new aligners to ensure that your teeth are gradually being realigned to your desired position. That’s right, during your consultation with us, we will create a mould specifically designed for your teeth alone. By creating a mould that fits your current teeth position, we can then continuously modify these moulds to meet your desired results.

This is said to be a pain-free system, however, some slight discomfort can arise, as it would with any teeth straightening treatment. Straight teeth confidence has never been easier to attain than with our clear aligners. You can enjoy life as you usually would while knowing that you’ll eventually have your dream smile. Our straight teeth aligner treatment plan takes up to 6-9 months to meet optimum results. 

Straight Teeth Confidence with Self Braces

So, what will it be? Straight teeth confidence isn’t as far away as you may think. With the help of our clear aligners at home and our expertise in dental care, we can deliver you an affordable, safe and powerful solution to your ideal teeth. 

If you have any questions about our clear aligner treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through any details that you’d like to know. We understand how important your self-confidence is which is why we will do everything in our power to help you reestablish yours.

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